“Last night, Gav Aid – the ultimate showbiz quiz – was held at The Troxy in London to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action in memory of Gavin Reeve-Daniels who died of pancreatic cancer last September.

Gavin worked on many magazines over the years, including Smash Hits, TV & Satellite Week, Now and heat. Over 900 people from magazines, newspapers, TV and PR came together with a host of celebrities to get quizzical, raise
money and have a cheesy disco in his honour.

Hold Amy's Hand - Gav Aid FI

As soon as Gavin’s wife Leesa heard about Amy Watts and the amazing fundraising taking place, with the blessing of Pancreatic Cancer Action, she asked for the proceeds of the Gav Aid raffle to go towards Holding
Amy’s Hand. We’re thrilled to have raised £3,500 at Gav Aid to go towards Holding Amy’s Hand. We wish Amy and the team the best of luck with their fundraising.”

Hold Amy’s Hand would like to thank Gavin’s amazing wife Leesa, all Gav Aid’s organisers and everyone who attended last night’s event. We’re moved, honoured and overwhelmingly grateful that they chose to support our own cause with theirs.

Follow @Gav_Aid on Twitter for all the latest on their own amazing fundraising activities.

Hold Amy’s Hand

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