Last night The Dorchester Hotel hosted Matt Goss’s magical ‘Show For Amy’ – and raised an incredible £5,522 for our fund!

From 4pm, hundreds of fans and hand holders began queuing for tickets, while even more tweeted that they had been moved to donate instead. Thank you to every single one of you.

Amy Watts and Matt Gosh

Before the amazing show, Matt met Amy backstage for a long chat. And to everyone’s surprise, he then led her onto the stage where she said she was ‘overwhelmed’ by everyone’s kindness. “The support I’ve had from my friends, family, the public and in particular Matt tonight for putting on this gig, has been amazing. We’ve managed to raise enough money for the first operation but I still need to raise more for the second one. If you can keep donating, no matter how small the donation, it all helps. And thanks to everyone who has supported me with tweets about Hold Amy’s Hand and donations so far.”

Amy was brave and beautiful and we are so proud of her.

We’re also proud to announce that The Mary Leishman Foundation has just granted an amazing £5000 to Hold Amy’s Hand.

Mary Leishman Foundation

The Foundation – which aims to encourage potential and ease distress – was set up in memory of Mary, a wonderful wife, brilliant mother, great friend to many, caring auntie and a truly inspirational woman. They were only too happy to help hold Amy’s hand during this time: Mary was Amy’s friend Gordon Smart’s mother-in-law, and when her family needed support through their own tough time she and her own family held their hand all the way. Thank you Gordon and Kate Smart and The Mary Leishman Foundation.

It’s a honour to have your support.

Amy’s friend and Hold Amy’s Hand organiser Niki Waldegrave-Clark has also announced her own fundraising activity: she’ll be doing the Sydney Skinny on March 1st! For those of you who don’t know, this means she’ll be swimming 900 metres totally naked on Sydney’s Cobbler’s Beach. BRAVE. Go Niki!

You can sponsor her here:

Another exciting fundraising event will take place this Friday at Springfield Hall in Nottingham – British rock band The Rascels are holding a free gig in aid of Amy, and will be asking for donations to Hold Amy’s Hand on the night. If you live in or close to the area, head down there and show your support!

The Rascals

Finally, can I please all remind you about our next big social media push this Wednesday 28th at 6pm.

We want everyone to facebook, instagram and tweet pictures of you ‘holding hands’. It could be with friends, your family or a celebrity, it could be your whole office all holding hands, or even holding your pup’s paw – let your imagination go wild! Just get it out there with this message or something very like it:

Hold Amys Hand Holding Pic

‘We’re holding hands for Amy – will you? #holdamyshand @holdamyshand DONATE NOW’

Thanks hand holders – we’ve got so much more in store but for now, get snappy and see you in the sociamediasphere!

Hold Amy’s Hand

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