This morning, Hold Amy’s Hand received an amazing £1000 donation.

It was from the mighty Barbara Windsor, who had kindly donated her fee for an exclusive forthcoming (and unrelated) interview in the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine.

That £1000 tipped us OVER our target, to an incredible £100,260.

New Total 100,260

Thank you, to everyone who has donated, tweeted, facebooked and raised money for Amy over the past 15 days.

I repeat, 15 DAYS!

Today, Hold Amy’s Hand HQ is releasing the following statement on behalf of the family:


“On behalf of Amy and her family, we are absolutely overwhelmed at the events of the past two weeks.

We never expected that just 15 days from launching Hold Amy’s Hand, we would announce reaching our target of £100,000.

Just writing the words feels unreal.

We genuinely believed we would be raising money for Amy’s treatment for a long time.

Yet here we are: and because of you we all feel hopeful again.

But our work isn’t done.

We don’t know what the future will hold for Amy. Her life has been tragically put on hold while she fights this insidious disease and it’s still not clear when she will be able to start properly living it again.

It’s been frightening and stressful, made more so by her extreme sickness rendering her unable to work and therefore support herself.

And the truth is, even after her operations, we don’t know when she will be able to work again.

She may need different kinds of treatment. She may need to travel to foreign hospitals or clinics for further operations. But no matter what it takes, we won’t stop fighting for her life.

So we, her family and friends, will continue to raise money for Amy.

So that she can concentrate on her treatment and her future, without worrying about how she will live on a day to day basis. So that her family can hold her hand through this difficult time. So that she can rebuild her life when – hopefully – she is back to full health.

In time, we will reassess this situation and consider other worthy avenues for any leftover money raised.

But for now, we’re concentrating on our Amy.

Thanks to all of you, she now has a chance at life.

Obviously we will gratefully receive any donations still offered, and there are many amazing events already organised in aid of Hold Amy’s Hand that will absolutely still take place.

We’d love you all to be a part of them, and will continue to bring you news and updates concerning these and Amy’s general condition.

Thank you for holding Amy’s hand through her darkest hour.”

Thank you, once more, to every single handholder out there.

You have made this fundraising feat such an amazing journey.

The Hold Amy’s Hand Team


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